Just bought a 2003 Ram 1500 4.7L Magnum w 133,000 miles on it. Truck started fine cold, and generally ran fine (except when I gunned it, it bucked and stalled, as I see so many others do), but if I don't gun it, it ran fine. Once it's warm though, after shutting it down it will take a solid 5 to 6 seconds of cranking then it starts right up. Engine light was on when I bought it. Prior owner said it's been on for over a year - thought it was emission related. Never worried about it. I think he also drove the truck real easily as he never gunned it and never had it buck on him.

I put a code reader on it and got (I think it was) Code P0106, which was MAP Sensor. I thought why not and gave it a try. I bought a cheap one on ebay for $15, matched the part numbers which superseded to something very similar and was consistent with a few brands also superseding.

I installed the new MAP Sensor. Now the truck will not idle, I cannot even put it in gear and I am getting Codes of P0344 and P0118. P0344 is camshaft position sensor, and P0118 is engine coolant temp sensor.

I am thinking maybe I bought a bad sensor, but can't figure much else than that however these other codes sound completely unrelated. I also disconnected the temp sensor to get to the MAP sensor, but I am sure i reconnected it properly and checked it twice. Maybe some dielectric grease on it tomorrow.

I know just enough to back myself into a corner and the electronics make me nuts. Anything jump out at anyone that might be helpful?? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Why don't you reinstall the old MAP to see if that gets you back to where you started? Clear the codes and see if they come back. – SteveRacer Mar 14 at 3:24

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