I have few doubts with my motorcycle (Apache RTR 180 ABS version).

  1. When I ride on top gear I have noticed the engine vibration is reduced much when at 84-86 Km speed (RPM around 6400). I feel vibration below and above that speed (or RPM). If I ride in this less vibration speed (which I feel) will this be good for engine? And if the vibration is less does that mean the fuel consumption is also less? Is there any way that I can lock my motorcycle at this top speed?

  2. Occasionally I compare RPM meter with the speedometer. When my motorcycle was new it was running at 60 Km at 5000 RPM, later it increased to 65 Km for same RPM. Initially I thought it is tuned while running on the road. From few days I noticed it is showing 65 to 68 Km for the same RPM. Is this common for engines?

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