Hi I have tried removing the drum on the car but it will not budge. I loosened the green screws, they popped out after they were only slightly turned. Please help....

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    I feel your pain. What have you tried? – GdD Mar 10 '19 at 8:52

2 ob-long holes are found on the back plate for the purpose of adjusting the brakes. Some cars have the hole cut into the Drum instead. Either way a flat-blade screwdriver is used to rotate a star-nut to enable the brake shoes to retract further, making drum removal possible. A pictorial diagram will point out the Adjuster. Take a photo of what you find once the Drum is removed. Do this on both sides. You'll know why at re-assembly time.

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Some drums have a threaded hole so a bolt can be used to unfreeze the drum from the hub.

Clean around the hub/drum joint to remove any dirt or light rust first.

If it is really stuck then you may have to resort to a puller.

Posting a focused picture of what you are working with may help.

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