Backstory: I took my car in for a transmission fluid change and the mechanic damaged my car. The engine light was on it was stuck in third gear and not driveable. I am not sure what happened I took it to 2 mechanics for evaluation and both mechanics reported a burning exhaust smell. The transmission was replaced with used transmission.

Current problem: 4 months later I smell a burning/exhaust smell when I drive my car. It’s okay for extremely short distances, but the more I drive it the worse it gets. I had a mechanic open the hood and check it for leaks and he couldn’t find anything. I am not sure if it’s the used transmission I put in 4 months ago or if this is a problem when the original mechanic damaged my car.


Sounds like you have a burnt clutch or bad torque converter.

  • Thank you. I will check it out. – allie C Mar 9 '19 at 6:34

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