door lock problem

I have a 2007 Nissan Xterra with power locks and power windows. About 2 months ago, the lock on my driver's side ONLY will not open when I use the key fob. The other 3 doors and the cargo door open just fine using the key fob. The driver's door I have to lock and unlock manually with the key and when I'm inside the car, I have to manually move the lock thing which I have attached a pic of with an arrow pointing to what I have to move. It will not move no matter what. However, Nissan has a glitch where the doors lock automatically sometimes if you leave the car unlocked and when the automatic lock thing happens, it does lock.

TLDR: Key fob and the power locks will not work on the driver door but works fine on the other 4 locks. Is this a bad lock solenoid/actuator?

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