If I have a new battery, however some of the acid has spilled out of it, what are the possible effects of using that battery?

The spill happened from the battery falling on it's side. There was no height involved. All the acid has been cleaned up already and there is no visible acid anywhere on the battery. There are no visible defects in the casing anywhere.

The battery tests fine when taken to Walmart. They said they couldn't find anything wrong with it and it passed all the tests.

My thinking is that the battery capacity will be decreased, but there are no further risks from using it. Is that a reasonable assumption?

  • I would expect it will be fine if it was refilled with the correct concentration of acid. If the fluid level is low, or it was just topped up with distilled water, it won't be "as good as new". Personally I would take it to a battery supply outfit, explain what happened to it, and get them to check the acid specific gravity, rather than trusting Walmart that it is OK. – alephzero Mar 7 at 14:28

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