enter image description hereTrying to remove wheel from boot but doesn't move. From pic seems to be screwed down somehow through center hole. Do I need a tool to twist this or something. How can I remove the wheel?


Yes, twist that. Counterclockwise.

It's a long T bolt that secures the spare tire and keeps it from shifting around.

It may be very tight, and perhaps a bit rusty (given the corrosion on the rim). You may need "channellock" style pliers to get it started.

You would be prudent to put some anti-seize or grease on the threads before putting it back.

You might also find that the tire is "stuck" to the floorpan of the trunk; you may need a stick or prybar to break it free.

Good news is you'll find all sorts of great stuff underneath the spare - old coins, dirt, rust, gunk, dead bugs, a bolt or two, that can of Underwood's Deviled Ham you swore you bought at the grocer seven years ago . . .

On Edit: Sorry, I meant " . . .tyre stuck to the floorpan of the boot". I got lazy and forgot to translate. Apologies.

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