I have honda civic 98 with D16Y4 engine and auto transmission.I'm getting low mileage 9-10km/L without a.c, driving with light foot with rpm between 2k-3k. I avoid long idling, drive within city usually heavy traffic using engine oil 10w-40 Liquimoly. Cleaned O2 sensor with this methodcheck here, changed fuel filter, air filter but haven't gone above 10km/L. Tried 93RoN but it makes no difference used 87RoN normally. I keep tyres pressure at 30. How come I get better mileage ? There's no issues with car other than mileage issue. Suggestions are welcome

  • How many miles are on your Civic? When was the last time you had the O2 sensors replaced? Cleaning them will pretty much only destroy them, at least I wouldn't trust them to run correctly after the attempt. Feb 28, 2019 at 22:33
  • Engine was swapped 2 years back when I bought this car it's mileage was 5km/l because O2 sensor was missing then I put a used O2 sensor because here it's hard to find a new one after that mileage improved to 9-10km/L but I found better mileage of this engine on internet around 14-16km/L. I'm not sure about engine mileage but since I bought this car I ran it for approximately 30,000Km till now.
    – Shoaib
    Mar 1, 2019 at 6:26

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That actually doesn't sound that bad - it's actually pretty much what the book figures suggest for that car/engine combo during urban driving.

So I suspect you may be chasing a non-existent problem.

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