I have a 2012 BMW X3 28i with about 68,000 miles (109,000 km) on it. I received an alert that my coolant was low last week. I immediately went out and bought coolant and filled the coolant reservoir. The coolant light came back on about a day later at which point I took the car to the mechanic. I was told that I needed the hose running from the water pump to engine replaced. I am not sure if the mechanic drained the coolant but on my way home the engine started smoking and rose to a temperature of 250 degrees F (120 C). I was advised not to drive the car at all to prevent any possible engine damage.

Is there another name for the water pump to engine hose and is this a common part to replace. No parts supplier has or stocks it and BMW has said it is backordered in Germany and would not arrive for at least 1 month.

Any advice or recommendations? Anything else I should have checked?



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