I have a 2011 Nissan Murano with an intermittent MAF sensor OBD code indicating poor performance. After trying to clean the MAF sensor and eventually replacing the MAF sensor, I am still continuing to get a recurring Check Engine Light. At this point I am concerned that I might have a vacuum leak somewhere.

(I don't notice any performance issues or rough idling. It is just an annoying P0101 code that wont go away)

I was considering just replacing all of the vacuum lines to be safe and because they are cheap, however there are a lot of them and I would like to be sure I got them all. I was thinking of buying a Haynes Repair manual online to see if they had a complete vacuum hose diagram but wanted to be sure it would have such a diagram before I invest the money in it.

Would something like a Haynes manual have such a diagram?

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