After a lot of sweat and searing I have finally got the pin out, So I thought the hard bit was over but no. I cannot get the sensor out I have pulled so much that ive only about 5mm of the plastic left, so my Question is im looking to cut it off flush with the gearbox casing then drill a hole in it and screw in a stud extractor (if have some with chunky threads) and try and break the seal as I can spray wd40 in the pin hole, what are your thoughts and tips on this. can see why fords remove the engine to do it Regards Chris

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  • What year is it? Manual or automatic? – Moab Feb 12 at 0:02
  • It's a 2003 manual – welshnutteruk 2 days ago
  • Sounds like you are doing what I would do. – Moab 2 days ago

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