I drive a Subaru Impreza 2013 hatchback that's been squeaking and squealing. It seems to be a problem when I'm starting from a stop and at slow speeds. I took it to a mechanic twice, and both times they said it was the breaks. They performed basic service, including cleaning, etc. I just got it back the second time, and the squeaking and squealing is even worse.

My car does not squeak in neutral, ever, no matter how hard I push the gas petal. It does not squeak when I bounce it up and down. Squeaking does not happen every time I break, nor does it squeak every time I turn. It doesn't seem to squeak much at all over 20mph.

My car has less than 30,000 miles on it. I bike around, so it's sitting outside a lot. Also, last year I got a slow leak and took it to a third-party mechanic to replace the tire. They put a different brand of tire on, which is apparently bad for all-wheel drive cars. I heard this from Subaru a month after doing to that third-party for service when I brought it in for standard 30,000 mile maintenance (oil, differential fluid). Upon telling me this, Subaru changed out the tire.

Please advise!

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