I own a BMW E81 (2009).

I attempted to replace the standard stereo with a double DIN touch screen. I followed the steps as located here, with the same fascia.

My radio required power to the fuse box, and I tested the fuses and found an empty fuse at 12V which I connected to when ignition was on and the headunit behaves as it should, but as I tried putting it all back together I have a problem with the manual aircon unit (as pictured here).

Basically, with the ignition on and cables connected the fans are on full speed and aimed towards demisting the window. None of the spinner controls do anything, I can't control the fan direction, the fan speed or temperature. The buttons (demist rear, aircon and circulate air) all work and function correctly.

Any ideas what I have done? I may have broken the unit disconnecting it, but I'd expect may one or two controls to work, not all spinners.

It's work noting that in the YouTube video there is a ribbon connection which connects the aircon unit to the traction control panel. I had that connected but the traction button didn't light up when pressed but I think that may be a seperate issue, so for now I have been testing with both the BMW harnesses connected to the aircon unit, but the ribbon connecting the aircon unit to the traction control panel is disconnected.

  • The fact that the system goes to high blower speed and Defrost mode tells me there is a disconnect between the controls on the instrument panel and the logic unit for the door actuators / fan. That setting is safety default mode (by federal specs). You’ve pulled or broken a wire somewhere. – zipzit Jan 30 at 7:30

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