I had a problem 7 days ago: I could not start my car. Temperature on that day was -17 (-27°C ). I heard just 1 click and that's it. One day later it was 32F (0°C) and I could start the car. I could see dimming lights when I start the gas pedal.

Can you help me; battery or alternator? I am not sure what the problem is. That day when I couldn't start my car windows on my car were so slow so I thought it is battery.


The performance of a battery is temperature related.

If the battery is in good condition, making sure it is charged (a small battery charger connected overnight) does help and if you can keep the battery and engine warm - I use a small 400W heater under the bonnet which makes a massive difference - it is on a timer to come on about 3 hours before I need the car.

Do test the battery and charging systems but they are working hard ie lights heater wipers all on and if you only do short trips the battery gets discharged over time, then include the temperature effect and it won’t start...

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  • One note as well, working under the assumption of this being battery+temperature related, would be to check if your vehicle is equipped with an engine block heater. While it may not indirectly heat the battery by any significant amount, it may make the engine start-up a bit easier than it would be otherwise in such cold conditions and may be as easy a solution as running an extension cord to your vehicle if it is an option for you. – VincentAlpha Jan 27 '19 at 23:30

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