getting very little heat while driving and idle if i turn up fan inside car goes cold, temp gauge goes to half and stops, also getting a noise like a loose belt but once the car is warm noise stops?


It could be a number of things:

  1. Not enough coolant, check level. If it´s missing some see if it holds level now or if it losses coolant.

  2. If something was done that required a drain of the cooling system, it may not have been bled correctly after refill and have some air-bubbles in it.

  3. Thermostat may be broken, replace, refill, bleed system.

  4. Water pump may need replacement. Did you stick to the recommendet change interval?

  • coolant level is good and i recently had my radiator fan replaced , so im thinking system needs to be bled , thanks – Thomas Smith Jan 24 '19 at 13:52

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