I know less than nothing regarding engines & mechanics. This is my 1st ever scooter. Like a complete bafoon I put far to much oil in and did an 8 mile journey to work. I knew ther was something wrong immediately. There was no acceleration & top speed was 25mph. Staying true to being an utter plonker I continued my journey to work, 8 miles. So I tilted the bike unscrewed the oil cap & it spat out hot oil. I had a quick go and immediately it ran better, speed, acceleration etc. I thort Ide had a lucky escape. A wk or 2 later tho the bike started to shudder wen pulling away from t. Light's or stood in traffic. All the acceleration had gone from the bike & it pulls off REALLY slowly taking time to gain speed & it seems to have lost 4/5 mph from its top end. It would also cut out when u pulled up to a stop or moving in traffic?! Now this is where I think 2 problems have merged. I started to have trouble getting the bike to start. Having to leave my finger on the electric start for too long over n over for a while till it eventually started. It turns out that my ht lead and cap kept coming loose. Then the HT lead was coming out altogether by itself. I have just changed the HT cap I was going to replace the spark plug as well but don't have more money till nxt week. I slightly adjusted the idle speed as well. It has improved things abit it doesn't cut out wen u pull up now but ther is still no acceleration, before all this the little thing was like lightning 🌩 upto 30mph left things standing. I'm gonna change the spk. Plug but do u think I should replace the whole ht lead and not just the cap like I have done. Also someone said that I could of blown an engine seal from the oil. I checked the air filter n that seems OK ready for changing but not clogged up with oil or anything. Ideas, suggestions, please help?! Sorry for the long winded message

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