Check Engine light on, next day Engine over temperature light, mice had eaten through wires - fixed problem. 4 days later, blind spot, cross traffic warnings, park assist, parking brake, and passenger side windows don't work (I can live with) but no climate controls (nav, entertainment, phone all functional). Diagnostics test showed lots of 'codes' misfiring. I asked if it could still be a 'mice issue'..nest in the dash behind the control panel.. told 'probably not'. 4 hours later, they 'more than likely' ruled out its anything under hood (engine block issue, fuses etc), next step, removing dash. So after 4 hours not finding what the problem is I left as they had only allotted that time for the problem and I need to consider if I can afford them to 'explore' the problem when it could take ??? amount of hours to rip out the dash. Do onboard computers not help mechanics pinpoint problems? Can't this be narrowed down instead of figuring out what the problem is by way of elimination?

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