My grandparents drive slowly at night, but they still prefer adaptive and HID/LED headlights, as these add-ons can only help and their SUV is fitted with them. Presume that the rental car companies' HID/LED headlights are legal.

They've found that rental cars' halogen high beams aren't adaptive and are too dim, as substantiated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) on Nov 29 2018:

Just over half of 2018 model vehicles IIHS evaluated are available with headlights that do an adequate job of lighting the road at night and limiting glare for oncoming drivers, but most good-rated headlights are optional or bundled with features that can raise the price of the vehicle.

"Consumers shouldn't have to buy a fully loaded vehicle to get the headlights they need to safely drive at night," says David Aylor, manager of active safety testing at IIHS. "All new vehicles should come with good headlights."

Avis's and Enterprise's executive relations manager said that because stocks change, specific models can't be guaranteed. Hertz can guarantee a model, but not one with adaptive HID/LED-headlights. The best they can do, is to save one for my grandparents if one happens to be on their lot.

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    Hire the most expensive one...
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I'm not an expert with car rentals, but from everything that you've covered in your very detailed question, it seems apparent that the only option would be to pick a car that comes standard with the headlights you want. Fortunately, LED headlights are a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and many new cars, particularly European ones, come standard with LED headlights. Many of the more expensive models will also have adaptive/turning headlights. Do some research on the cars you see from the rental companies and find the ones that satisfy your needs by default.

Despite this, if it's as you said, then there's no way to guarantee a specific car from a specific place. A quick search brings up this site, which mentions some ways you can increase your chances of getting the car you want. You can also try looking for some local or niche car rental services that let you book a specific model. At the end of the day though, there's only so much you can do given the restrictions of this question.


Rent direct from a dealer, and specify exactly what model is required. It'll cost more than the usual rental companies, but you should get exactly what you need.

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