So yesterday my skoda rapid 1,6tdi decided that she has had enough. Basically white/grey smoke started to blow all of a sudden and revving sound, really loud one. Somehow managed to idle all the way to a safe place. Recovery took to a nearest skoda garage. Now they had it overnight and on the next day they telling me that "engine oil overflow by 4ltrs" how the hell this has happened I really cant understand ,as I have serviced my car a year ago, and I do not do any adding to my car myself, only skoda dealers. They telling me that glow plug has gone too, one of them. Now I have looked online and looked for answers in here-apparently it's not overflow, but it looks like diesel in oil.on the day my car broke DPf came on on dashboard, orange color. Now I believe that is more likely a DPf that caused it. Am I wrong? Please any advice will do, I am going back to garage tmrw, I have screenshot loads of articles, I just need more. I feel like monkeys could do a better job in that garage.

  • Before you criticize « monkeys » make sure you know what might have happened... this is a common issue with many diesel engines... – Solar Mike Jan 9 at 7:25
  • I think we are not understanding each other, I feel like you insulting me with out reading it properly, but I do apologise if I don't explain myself right. I will repeat that there was not a word about dieseling – Svetlana Jan 9 at 8:10
  • From garage, not a word about dieseling – Svetlana Jan 9 at 8:10
  • It’s called dieseling in some countries and I know it as that as do many mechanics of my acquaintance - that does not mean it is a term common or even used where you are located. I did read your post and, based on my experience, felt I gave you a good answer... However, it did not seem to be accepted... – Solar Mike Jan 9 at 8:13
  • Yes it has been accepted, goodness me, and I think that's what it is . But garage saying that I over flown engine oil, by 4ltr! – Svetlana Jan 9 at 8:18

Diesel getting into the oil is a fault - those « monkeys » are probably correct...

The usual cause is that one or more of the injectors has failed or become faulty and has been leaking excess diesel into the cylinders, washing down the bores and collecting in the sump.

This may need an engine rebuild (expensive) or it may just recover with repair or replacement of the injectors. A set of injectors may not be cheap either...

What happened to your car is not the fault of the garage or those « monkeys » so be nice. This happens sufficiently often and you should have found posts about it happening to several makes of car, it can be called "dieseling"...

  • Thank you for replying, but if you read it correctly from the beginning, garage is saying that is " engine over flow" not a word about dieseling. It was my founding though this site that I got logical explanation why has my car broken down. – Svetlana Jan 9 at 6:41
  • If you understand how a diesel engine works then you might, possibly, understand my answer... – Solar Mike Jan 9 at 6:46
  • I do not blame garage for what has happened, I blame them for not doing their job properly, instead of coming out with a logical explanation, they just said its overflow, and can't explain that. So please don't assume I am not nice 🙄. Yes, I did read here what can cause it, thank to this group. But don't garage should know, or is it a customers job now to search Internet for answers? – Svetlana Jan 9 at 6:46
  • Thank you, yes I do understand, I have read your previous comment in different post about dpf and dieseling. – Svetlana Jan 9 at 6:48
  • Diesel dilution of motor oil was a big problem for GM when they put diesels in cars in the 70's. The general public did not understand that crankcase oil must be changed , especially when "over full". – blacksmith37 Jan 9 at 17:35

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