My Nissan Sentra 2008 started having electrical problems. After a typical 25-30 minute ride, my rpm indicates 0 and my EPS light comes on with loss of power steering 80% of the time. Shortly after my engine temperature guage shows zero bars(digital guage) and my radiator fan turns on. It is too cold outside for my fan to turn on when idling. This is also accompanied by my turn indicators not apearing in my dash or lagging but the signals still work. Sometimes i cannot turn off my head lights or turn on my high beams.

This problem usually happens after 25-30 minutes and usually goes away then comes back then goes away... The problem never occurs on start up or in the first 10 or so minutes of driving and the event of problems happens in that order

The car has hit the ditch head on once at low speed, only thing that broke was the washer fluid sensor and the plastic bumper, problem only started a month later

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