Appreciate some advice please, my 12 plate corsa 1.2 D is struggling up hills or inclines, the engine management light flashes for a few minutes then goes off on flat ground or down hill. I have had similar issues before from a coil pack but seems a bit different this time as the light goes off and doesn’t stay on. I was wondering if it could be a fuel filter issue as it was run low a couple of weeks ago before filling up but apparently this model corsa doesn’t have a filter. A pump is about 90 quid and a coil pack about 100. Don’t mind replacing them but don’t want to buy one unnecessarily. Can anyone advise?

  • Buy an OBD scanner and check for the fault codes stored by the ECU. A flashing MIL usually means a converter-damaging misfire by the way. – Al_ Jan 4 at 10:43

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