My 95' BMW E38 recently broke down its audio system. I can't hear anything from radio or CD set. It is difficult to find the cause. I even tried connecting only amplifier and radio module (no luck). Things I have eliminated already:

  • Speakers are ok
  • Fuse in radio tuner located in the trunk is ok
  • Other fuses are ok too
  • Radio module is ok

My car has 4:3 TV and cassette slot in the front panel. Tuner, amplifier, CD changer, GPS, TV module and GPS module are located in the trunk.

  • Is this the factory radio setup that is installed in your car? – Gabriel Mongeon Aug 15 '13 at 13:40
  • Yes it is. I think it's the amplifier, but I'm not 100% sure. A used one costs around 100$ so I want to be sure i really need one. – Andrzej Bobak Aug 15 '13 at 19:18

It was the amplifier. All the other modules produced the correct signal. I exchanged the amplifier to a friend's device from E39, it worked.

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  • Good to know they are compatible. I notice the part numbers are different - did you notice any differences/issues when you tried an E39 amp? – Chalky Nov 2 '16 at 23:02
  • No. It worked ok. – Andrzej Bobak Nov 3 '16 at 18:23

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