I went to a garage that were charging £120 for wheel alignment which is a lot more than the usual rate which is 50-70 and I think even the dealer charges £70.

However on their website they mention "Our Beissbarth wheel aligner is approved by AUDI, VW and PORSCHE and offers a high degree of accuracy... We are able to identify faults in the steering geometry and identify worn suspension parts".

I don't know of much places charging that much or places that can identify worn suspension parts, however as mine is an old car with ongoing suspension repairs it may be of some use. However I have no idea about such technologies and imagine not many service providers use them.

Basically is this type of wheel alignment technology any good, do they do a good job of identifying worn suspension etc or is it nothing special since you'd probably be able to identify the worn suspension by hand etc?

  • Take a vehicle in with a known fault - ie test it... if they find the fault then you will know... – Solar Mike Dec 1 '18 at 6:00

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