I have a 2000 maxima with 100k miles. It has a pending error code p0335, which is for the crankshaft position sensor. The engine light is not on. It has 2 crankshaft position sensors and I changed both of them but nothing changed.

It sounds like a standard misfire when in park. Car sputters & almost stalls when shifted into drive but not in reverse. It stumbles terribly when starting to drive & throughout low speeds (under 30mph) while trying to accelerate. In higher speeds it is ok. There is also a transmission code which i was able to read with an advanced scanner: it said "initial start." It didn't seam to be a real code, and a standard scanner wouldn't read it. It didn't have a number associated with it.

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It turns out the the stumbling issue was due to a vacuum leak in the intake that was past the maf sensor so engine was getting incorrect oxygen reading which is needed to gauge proper air fuel ratio. replaced intake boot problems disapeared. However not sure if that solved the code I think it might have come back

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