I'm learning to diagnose my car's poor gas mileage:

Car: 2010 Toyota Matrix (Base). Engine: 1.8L, 4 cylinders, Auto, FWD. ODO: 103,000km (64,000 miles). City gas mileage: 12.6L/100km = 18.6 mpg (advertised City gas mileage is 8.1L/100km = 29 mpg)

Photo attached is data for AF, O2 sensors and Fuel Trims at idle (please click on the photo to expand the full data).

Please advise me: (1) if everything is normal or not? (2) if any other data should be read?


(sorry if the font size on the vertical axes is too small)

  • I'm curious about your rear o2 volts. I would want to see the same data during a steady cruise. – Milison Nov 22 '18 at 2:22

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