02 Honda Civic EP3/SiR

I noticed the coolant was a bit low, asked the shop to top it up while it was in the other day. The manual indicates to use Honda Coolant/Anti-Freeze Type 2 part # OL999-9011 only, which is blue. I specifically asked the shop to use the Honda coolant specified for this car.

The stuff they put in is green. Is this wrong fluid was the color of the fluid just changed at some point?


While color is not the most important part. Ingredients are very important for example Mercedes BMW and Honda use blue coolant, the ingredients of each are different. You should always ask for the empty bottles of oils/coolants that are put in your car and check if they match the requirements of the car manufacturer.

  • Thanks. I asked the shop for the make and part number of the fluid they used. I don't know what it was filled with previously, so I just bought some genuine Honda fluid for them to change in. – Recovering Nerdaholic Nov 16 '18 at 12:46

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