I was renting a 2018 Mokka yesterday with either 5k,14k or 17k miles. At first it was fine. Then it would only provide sufficient power up to 3k RPM and not engage the Cruise Control. Eventually at some point CC starts working and so does the rest of the car, I step on the pedal, car goes faster, without reving. Some time later it breaks again, if I step on the gas pedal too hard it just revs without actually translating that power into forward momentum.

I figured I should stop and try to restart the engine, see if that helps. At this point I haven't figured out it's the clutch yet.

Well that stop was the final resting place of this trip. Even pass 6k RPM the car wouldn't move forward. Was pushed into the curb and road side assisted. While waiting for the AA I noticed I could switch all the gears without ever using the clutch pedal.

As I'll probably never see or hear about this car again, I'm just curious what exactly broke down?

Ah, forgot to mention the title, sometimes but not always the clutch pedal would take a second to comeback after pressing it all the way.

(About the miles, on the contract it says the car was 5855 miles, when I first started it it said ~14000 and by the end of my 150 mile trip it was 17800 miles) It was also crying "Change engine oil soon".

  • Revving without transferring power is indicative of a clutch that's about to go. It's possible about 3k it's slipping as well - however then it would rev up in that scenario as well. It's weird to see it deteriorate so quickly - it's possible that something else (not the clutch plate itself) was failing, causing the other issues – Brydon Gibson Oct 31 '18 at 16:39

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