I tried to bang this fender out(I know I messed up) and then put it back on however in the process I found I was scratching surrounding panels, mainly the left side of door(you can see the scratches exposing primer and metal) as well as hitting the side skirt a bit and the frame which attaches to the mirror. I also screw in screws and bolts for arches without removing the wheel.

After the installation I thought maybe I should have removed the side skirt and door instead of trying to wrestle the fender in there and creating more damage as well as removing the wheel since the arch bolts were done at an angle.

Is this what a body shop would have done(remove side skirt, door and wheel) and then put fender in or do they have some special way to slide the fender in without removing those parts?

enter image description here

  • They may have protected thise surfaces with masking tape / paper etc... – Solar Mike Oct 18 '18 at 18:03

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