I would like to understand the main failure-modes for power window failures: is there a good table of common failure-modes and associated diagnostics \ symptoms that identify a failure-mode?

Symptom Example

1995 Intgra 4-door rear passenger power-window moves up and down, however, it seems to be 'out of its normal track'. This means the the glass panel does not follow the normal path for the window to traverse up and down. To position the glass into the rubber seal, two people were required: one to operate the switch and the other to manually guide the glass into the desired position

The upper-limit no longer seems to function: when the window is 'rolled up', the window will stop at the upper-limit. The limit serves to keep the glass panel on-the-track.

  • Have you looked at the regulator as you're operating the window? You don't really need a common symptom list, just pull the door card and look at what it's doing. Is something tweaked? Is the glass separated from the regulator? Is something broken? What do you mean the upper limit? Is this an auto window switch? – Ben Oct 9 '18 at 20:21

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