Sorry for the newbie question:

I'm looking to replace the front driver-side window run channels in my 2003 Corolla. I figure I might as well do the other three while I'm at it—but, wherever I look, I see something like this; that is, $70 for a piece of rubber for one window.

Now, I only know of this part by "window run channel," and am not sure what else it's called. I am confident that if I had other ways of referring to it, I could find a much cheaper price. What else might one call this part?

It is, basically, the rubber that fits around the window frame into which the window fits when it's rolled up:

schematic picture of a run channel

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Other words I used to perform a search are "window guide channel" and "window weatherstrip channel." Each of these searches returned different results in wording, but nearly identical products. The prices appeared to range from about US$40 to nearly double that figure. Some of the returns also indicated one can purchase used guide channel from eBay and also some online salvage services.

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