Found a GREAT deal on a jeep cherokee 1999. But it doesn't have cruise control. what is involved in retrofitting a cruise control system into it?

If you paid to have it done, what did it cost you?


Not sure what the kit cost but I helped a friend fit an aftermarket kit to a Renault Espace.

It took depression from the intake manifold to control the throttle quadrant via a diaphragm chamber.

Then there was the on/set/rest switch and control box which is the easy part once the switch has been located sensibly.

This was a kit available for just about any car / van.

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  • I don't see why French cars would ever need this - isn't the average French driver's version of cruise control just "keep the gas pedal flat on the floor"? ;) – alephzero Sep 16 '18 at 19:13
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    @alephzero It's the Italians with Binary throttle disease... The French police and speed cameras on the autoroutes are much less forgiving now... – Solar Mike Sep 16 '18 at 19:41

Had a cruise control aftermarket system in a Nissan D-22 2.5L TDI. It was mechanical and used a cable to open the intake manifold. It had a sensor to disconnect when touching the clutch or brake. It would also disconnect if the engine was forced, like going on 5th gear on a steep climb, altough I don't think this was feature of the thingy I did like it.

The price for the installation should be around US$250 in my opinion, you don't wan't to go cheap here. The kit I don't really know, because we pay "My country" prices around here but on ebay the one I had THIS CRUISE CONTROL is on the US$200 price point.

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