There's a hose behind the engine that connects to some fitting that passes through the firewall on an old Volvo XC90 that seems to be leaking oil. I can't identify what that part is.

Does power steering fluid have any need to go past the firewall? What hoses and fluids can one typically expect to traverse the firewall of a vehicle?

Hose in perspective of the engine

Large segment of hose shown

Close up on the hose attached to something passing through the firewall

Close up to oily fitting

Here's a portion of a video by another fella where this hose comes into view.


That is an air conditioning refrigerant pipe. Does the air-con work?

Looks like its part 8 in the diagram below, which can be examined here.

AC System with highlighted hose

There's a couple of variations on the hose...

30767197 Tube low pressure CH 153069- CH -300083. With rear air conditioning. 
30767196 Tube low pressure CH 300076. Without rear air conditioning.
8623265  Tube CH 300077- low pressure Without rear air conditioning.
30730670 Tube low pressure CH -153068 With rear air conditioning.
9162350  Tube low pressure Without rear air conditioning CH -153068.
  • Aha, you're absolutely right. AC seemed fine during the test drive. But it was only experienced for a brief time before I shut it off to better listen to the car. – jxramos Sep 13 '18 at 8:52

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