Followup question to How to check that crankshaft and cam pulleys are in sync?. Got everything back together after changing the timing belt (whole kit, water pump, tensioner and pulleys) on my 2007 Odyssey. Started it up. The "D" gear light no longer flashes (yay!) but it is running just a smidge rough and the check engine light is blinking. Research elsewhere suggests that it is a "serious misfire" which could just be a bad plug. Going to use other vehicle to go to church today but when I get back I plan to replace the plugs. In case that doesn't do the trick I am hoping that someone might have suggestions as to what else I should check.

I had to try four times to get all the timing marks all lined up because the rear cam would easily spin out of place if I moved it just a little too far in either direction. Wondering if that is indicative of anything. I did the "turn crankshaft 720 degrees and make sure cam timing marks are still lined up", that's how I realize that things had gone awry the first three times.

EDIT: I changed the plugs. Still blinking and shuddering once the auto-choke turns off. The back three plugs are not firing. I know that for sure because while it was running I unplugged the ignition coil for each plug one at a time. Each time I unplugged one of the front three the shudder grew worse and the engine almost died. As I unplugged each of the three in the back, nothing changed. Would the cam being slightly misaligned cause that? Ask that because the first time I put the timing belt back on I noticed that the rear cam was 1.5 teeth left of the mark (counter clockwise). For the second attempt I rotated the back cam two teeth right (clockwise) and put the belt on based on a comment I found on a YouTube video, back cam, water pump, front cam, crankshaft, idler pulley. I may have done that the first time but I wasn't sure. However when I finally got the belt on, the back cam was 1/2 tooth right of the mark, which makes sense. Not sure what happened on my third try but it was way off. The fourth attempt ended with the back cam 1/2 tooth left (counter clockwise) of the mark. From basic laws of nature/physics I don't see how I can move the pulley only 1/2 tooth in either direction since the teeth on the belt would then not line up.

Really weird that the entire rear bank is not firing.

EDIT 2: Put ignition in "ON" but not running and checked wires to the read coils, they all have 12V. Disconnected battery for a few minutes. Reconnected, started engine, no difference.

EDIT 3: AutoZone code reader shows all 7 misfire codes, P0300,1,2,3,4,5,6 which is "random" and then all 6 cylinders. Got the name and number for a trusted local mechanic but educating myself further.

UPDATE: Found a trusted local mechanic (been without one for years because I started doing my own). I was off one notch on my rear cam pulley. HOWEVER, I got lucky because he pulled the plugs and used a camera to look inside the cylinders and there is no damage to any pistons or valves! He is going to redo the belt today. Hopefully that will be all.

  • If you have a check engine light, the first line of thought should be to get a code reader and take a look. This should give you a great indication as to what's up. My suggestion is you still don't have the cams lined up correctly. – Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Sep 9 '18 at 14:46
  • @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, added edit, plus found odyclub.com/forums/52-2005-2010-odyssey/…. Going to try disconnecting battery and then doing the one-at-a-time coil thing again. I bought a cheap code reader but it turns out I would have to install expensive app on my phone so I haven't done that yet. Might do it now rather than drive a misfiring engine up to AutoZone – Andrew Steitz Sep 9 '18 at 18:57
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    So is the bank 1 cam still off half a tooth? If it is you gotta tear it back down and realign everything. If it’s off half a tooth something isn’t aligned correctly. If your having trouble with the rear cam spinning it means theres’s not enough slack on the tension side of the belt. Remove the tensioner and reset the belt make sure you pull it tight around the gears/pulleys working counterclockwise from the crank. Is the compression off bank to bank? Was the crank reluctor damaged at all when installing the timing belt? Is the harmonic balancer torqued? – Ben Sep 10 '18 at 0:20
  • @Ben, I haven't looked again. The rear cam was a pain to spin when there was NO belt on it. With the belt on I didn't have any problem spinning all three together. What I meant in the text above was that I reset the belt 4 times until I had it as close as it was going to get. Harmonic balancer is torqued. Don't think the reluctor wheel was damaged but I guess it is worth a look. Of course that means I gotta take all that mess off again. Maybe I'll just buy some C4 and blow up the van! LOL – Andrew Steitz Sep 10 '18 at 3:48

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