I've tried to fix some chipping paint and a tiny rust spot... and created myself a bigger problem:


I back-taped everything carefully... and still got these completely obvious lines - no blending at all. But this turned to be the lesser of my problems. I started 1000 grit wet-sending (gently and with a block), and the paint is coming right off. I'm only guessing that we're seeing the primer underneath it.

The paint job included 3 layers of primer, 3 basecoat, and 4 clearcoat (all from Automotive Touchup), with ample drying time between layers. The wet sanding I tried today... that was 3 weeks after the clearcoat. And yet it's coming right off, as if I applied no clearcoat and 1 layer of paint 10 minutes ago.

What is going on?? And how can I mitigate this?

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I think you may have sprayed too many layers. When this happens the paint tends to chip or flake right off as your describing. As to the tape lines, using tape will always leave a line and will also mis-layer your paint job. This could also be why your paint is flaking off, as there is uneven layering done.


No worries, you've got this!

Let's address those clear coat lines and tackle the paint issue. Here's what I see:

Blending: The clear coat lines indicate a lack of blending on the repair. Taping creates an edge, and that's why you see them. We'll fix that blending next.

Wet sanding: 1000 grit is a bit aggressive for clear coat. We'll use a finer grit (like 1500 or even 2000) and switch to using your hand for better control.

Here's how we can fix it:

Wet sanding for a smooth transition: Use a mixing stick with a finer grit sandpaper (1500+) to gently level those lines. Re-spraying for a flawless blend (optional): If sanding isn't your preference, we can re-spray the clear coat. This time, use a blending technique: start with a coarser grit (around 600) near the repair area and progress to finer grits (800 and 1000) further away. This creates a smooth transition when you spray.

The paint coming off during sanding is likely due to the aggressive grit combined with the fresh clear coat (3 weeks cure time is good, but some paints take longer to fully harden). We'll address blending and use a finer grit to avoid this.

Great job tackling the chipping and rust! These are easy fixes, and with some minor adjustments, you'll have a seamless repair.

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