I just bought my Yamaha YZF600r about 2 months ago and at first I noticed first and sec were slipping and last night when I went for a ride I lost all power and had to pull over. Bike will start no problem, but when I put it in first gear I got nothing. It won’t go anywhere and I’ve tried it throughout all the gears and it still won’t move ... did I blow my clutch?

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    That sounds very likely... – Solar Mike Aug 16 '18 at 10:42
  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Did you by chance change the oil in it since you've bought it? If so, specifically what oil did you use? – Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Aug 16 '18 at 12:01
  • No I never did a oil change – Jason Aug 16 '18 at 13:57

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