Just bought a used Nissan Micra (automatic transmission).

When I depress the brake and change into D or R to move off, and then let go of the brake, the car starts moving off slowly.

Only had one other automatic car before and it didn't move until I pressed the accelerator.

In the manual it mentions that the cold-start idle speed is high and therefore caution should be exercised.

Does the above explain what I am experiencing ie use caution because the car moves on its own?!

Or is the car faulty?



This is not uncommon on automatic trans equipped vehicles. Since you didn't state how fast the car in moving it is hard to say if yours is normal. A slight creep forward is normal (5KMH) moving at anything faster is a problem. If it is moving faster than that the idle may be set slightly high which would cause the car to move while in drive.

  • Thanks Mikes, yes its just a very slight creep forward (or backwards). – Richard Apr 6 '13 at 14:34

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