I bought a used car with worn-out tires. Between speeds of 14-45mph the car vibrates and produces low frequency growling/droning noise. When above 45 mph, vibrations go away but drone pitch increases (volume remains same) though its not too bad.

Few details: Car : RWD BMW z4 - No vibrations in steering, just vibrations in seat.

  • Alignment was done before purchase by the seller. (I've the receipt)

  • Rear RFT tires are totally gone ~5% tread life left. Front non-RFT have 70% tread. I'm getting them replaced soon.

  • No difference between accelerating, braking,cruising, or coasting. sound and vibration remain constant in the speed range.

  • I scanned obd port, no error/fault codes.

  • brakes squeal when brake paddle is pressed lightly. Higher pressure and its gone.

Is it worn out rear tires or something more serious?

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    I am betting it is the tires.
    – Moab
    Jun 19, 2018 at 2:26

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Got the tires changed, and issues is gone. So for anyone else facing this issue, if its speed dependent and no noise difference between braking,cornering, accelerating, its the tires.


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