Im trying to figure out what you would call the connector for the trunk release button on a 2010 Pontiac G6. The actual button has 4 pins & the plug/connector only shows 3 metal contacts. There is power coming from the 3 holes so I'm trying to figure out if there should be 4 and if so what is the name of the parrot that I would need to replace.

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I'm not exactly sure which you are talking about, so will give you a couple different options and let you decide ...

The switch in the dash is called the trunk lid release switch and is ACDelco PN D1409G. The OEM PN on this is 15853223.

If you are talking about the mechanism in the trunk which unlatches the lid, it's called a trunk lock actuator and can be replaced with Doorman PN 940109. I didn't see an OEM PN associated with this piece.


On the switch, only the a, c & d terminals are used. A is chassis ground, c is the signal to the bcm and d is illumination.

If you have power on the a terminal when back probing than the ground circuit is open.

Either add a new ground or trace the wiring to find the open.

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