I own a 1983 Toyota pickup. I left it sitting around for over sixth months. Today the car wont start.

My symptoms are: Lights and radio work fine when the ignition is switch to "Acc" or "On".

The car makes no sounds when the ignition is switched to "Start". However, the car draws a load when switched to start. I can see the battery drain significantly on the voltmeter built into the truck. This leads me to believe that the ignition switch is okay.

I checked the battery. It has 12 volts. I tried a jump start anyways. It didnt work.

I checked my fuses and they appear to be fine.

Any suggestions? I am not experienced with car repairs but I cant afford to get it towed and fixed.


sounds like the starter is stuck...sometimes this will happen when a vehicle sits... use a large wrench or small hammer and tap the starter it might get the brushes to free up...if not then you'll probably have to have it changed or perhaps dissembled and cleaned

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