Car: 2007 Ford Focus, 110,000 miles

The trim around the outside of the windshield started coming loose when I drive at highway speeds. It doesn't appear to have been attached with adhesive, but perhaps that came off already?

The trim is a hard plastic and partially slips over the edge of the glass.

So, two questions:

  1. Should I attempt to use an adhesive to reattach this?
  2. If so, what is the appropriate adhesive?

If the trim is still in usable condition (not dry/cracked/brittle) then using adhesive is perfectly fine. 3m makes an adhesive exactly for this purpose. Part no: 08008 - 3M® Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive


Bert is correct- that would be the best answer, however its all up to you. The black silicone would work even on dry brittle cracked weatherstrip. -for awhile at least. Use a better adhesive- like Berts recommendation- waterproof if possible.if the weatherstripping is dry brittle cracked or whatever it doesn't have to be changed out. 3M also makes an adhesive/silicone that dries and creates its own barrier as well.

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