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I recently bought a set of new tires. A week later I had a nail stuck in my tire so went to a mechanic to get it patched. After the patch he told me I could still drive it if the Bubble does not get bigger within the next 1-2 days. Is this still safe to drive?

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! While I see the chalk outline, I'm not seeing a bubble. Probably just the lighting? Dunno. Apr 30, 2018 at 22:49
  • I guess it's not a crazy bubble but it does bulge out slightly. I'll try to take a better photo to add.
    – Tr1685
    Apr 30, 2018 at 22:57
  • Sidewall bubbles eventually cause a blowout.
    – Moab
    Apr 30, 2018 at 23:54
  • Did you purchase any sort of Road Hazard Protection with the tire? If so, claim on that and get a new tire.
    – PeteCon
    May 1, 2018 at 4:16

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Given this looks like a very low profile tyre, and therefore likely to be on a performance car, I would suggest that you replace it. Any bulge on the sidewall is suspect...

This could fail and it is the safety of you and any passengers riding in the car - a tyre is cheap compared to the long term consequences.

  • +1 sidewall bulges are bad things and indicate a structural weakness in a part of the tire that undergoes significant stresses. I'd be replacing this ASAP. I also wouldn't be using that mechanic again! May 1, 2018 at 10:12

well yea, i mean as lone as he did it well your good to go. one way he could have done it to prevent further leaks is by infusing a tube in to the tire. that way the tube gets inflated when pumped with the outer acting as a protective patch. at least that's what i would have done.

  • Inserting a tube into a tubeless tire is a bad idea (amongst other things the inside surface of tubeless tires are not generally smooth and this can chafe a tube to the point of failure) and is definitely NOT recommended for repairing them. May 1, 2018 at 10:18

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