I have 2007 Chevy Aveo and I need to replace this part but don't know what it is called. It's a "t" square that water runs through one part and air through the other and connects to the throttle body

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Are you certain water runs through this? – mike65535 Apr 30 '18 at 20:07
  • 1
    Looks like it is part of the pcv system with a check valve in one direction... – Solar Mike Apr 30 '18 at 20:13
  • @SolarMike PCV is in the valve cover, more than likely it is just a tee. – Moab Apr 30 '18 at 20:21
  • @Moab a tee has 3 ports, that has 4... – Solar Mike Apr 30 '18 at 20:31
  • Or a "cross", 4 vapor hoses ; looks like it may be a check in addition to the PVC. – blacksmith37 Apr 30 '18 at 20:33

After doing some research, I think I found your part. See diagram below:

Aveo diagram cam cover

You can see that the little T-junction is part of the PCV hose assembly (item 21 in the diagram). Unfortunately, this means you can't source the part separately, you'd need to buy the whole PCV hose. The part number of the PCV hose is 96474643.


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