Hey i have a 2002 Santa Fe and while i was driving the cars lights went dim then radio turned off. The car started to jolt and its not the first time this has its done it but i have checked the alternator and got a new battery for it but now the car wont even start like at all any suggestions. Please help. i have been having the same problems for a while but it is not an everyday thing its moor like every few weeks.


I would suggest that you need to check all the electrical connections and cables / wires as something seems to be loose or broken.

It may be relatively easy like a battery cable or difficult to find like a loose internal link in the fuse box (which can get moved when a door is slammed for example).

Finding this type of problem can make looking for a needle in a haystack easy!...

  • Check for signs of rodents/creatures nesting in, around, and under, the engine bay, any signs of damaged wiring etc. Remove the grounds, clean them, and tighten. Look for puddling and/or staining on/around electrical connectors.
    – NitrusInc
    Apr 28 '18 at 11:25

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