The windshield of my car has, over the years, acquired a layer of tiny, tiny micro scratches. No more or less than any other car of the same age. It is still perfectly safe and comfortable to drive, it only looks a bit ugly when driving into the sun.

Is there a relatively straightforward way to buff/polish out these mini scratches? Either DIY, or for say 100-200€ at some shop? Or would that require either an immense amount of work, or a new windshield straight away?


I would say the short answer is "No", get a new windshield. I tried polishing out a tiny scratch once; I had availability of most/all grades of diamond polishing compounds , and silicon carbide and alumina. I gave up fairly quickly.

  • Mmh. I googled a bit, and it looks like getting a new windshield is, including time&material, absurdly inexpensive in my country. For whatever reason. Seems like they are pretty simple to change. – AnoE Apr 25 '18 at 22:05

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