My wife's car is a 2013 BMW 335i with M-Sport package. The engine has no dipstick so the only way to check the oil level is using the menu-driven display. However, this never completes. Specifically, when I start, the screen looks like this: enter image description here Then it seems to attempt to do what it's supposed to do for a while: enter image description here But it never seems to complete. In particular, the percent complete goes to somewhere between 17% and 30% I think, and then reverts to the first screen. There is a separate menu item which is to display the oil level and it shows this: enter image description here


The car is new to me, and the manual is somewhat vague on what is supposed to happen. So my questions are:

  1. Shouldn't this go to 100% and show an actual oil level?
  2. If that's correct, is this possible to fix at home, or is this dealer-only territory?
  3. Any clues as to how to go about troubleshooting this?

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According to this video (at the very end)


there's an indication of the oil level.

I have to ask: Have you ever seen this "finish" on this car? I'm thinking it might be a software version issue. You can get to that via that display and ask your dealer if there's an upgrade.

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    No, I've never seen it finish. I upgraded the firmware to the latest available days after I bought it. That firmware only appears to have been a patch to the entertainment portion.
    – Edward
    Apr 26, 2018 at 13:30

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