I have a 2012 Honda Odyssey. I'm having trouble finding OEM wheels for it. the spec calls for 7J x 17 ET50 5 lug x 120. Are there other Honda model wheels that I can use?

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This site sells factory wheels

Town Fair Tire can get OEM and/or OEM-Style Reproductions.

Junk Yard/Salvage Yards likely will have some available, and some have their inventory online now.

Dealers should be able to order them. Looks like Honda's Part Site has a Wheel Section

Based on the forums, lots of folks run MDX wheels.

Hope this helps.


From what I can find, it appears they used that wheel size on the 2008 thru 2017 Odyssey models. I can't seem to find any accurate information about other models that have that rim size.

Source: https://www.wheel-size.com/

It is important to note that your wheel has a specific offset (ET50). Try not to stray too far away from that if selecting wheel from a different model.

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