i have picked up a subaru ej22 out of an 05 impreza. it came with the ecu, central locking unit, ignition barrel/switch, key security module and door locks.

i am heading to a wreckers next week to pull the engine to ecu harness and try and pull the dash harness (if i cant get it out i will cut off the connectors i need with a tail.).

i will have to slim down the dash harness alot so as not to make a mess.

is there anything else i will need to get? i am going to be putting it in a 96 impreza. im guessing ill also need the obd2 harness if it is not part of the dash harness.

i have the wireing diagrams for both cars but they dont state what is required, just everything.


looks like the person i bought the engine off was either miss informed or lied. the engine is not from a 2005 impreza. as best i can tell it is a phase2 engine from a 99-01 outback?

knowing what liitle info i have about this engine, what will i need for a swap into a car that currently has a 96 ej18. the ecu and security stuff seems to be from an 05 impreza so i really dont know whats happend.


ok, found out what has happend. the car the engine came from was an 05 imprezza, with an ej20. at some point they must have done a bottom end as the heads were removed and the ej20 block was replaced with an ej22. the ej20 heads and all accesories where bolted back up. so it is now a higher compression ej22.

so the question now is. is there anything else i will need from an 05 imprezza to get this engine running? its a dual port exhast engine and i have dual port headers so thats fine. i am still going to the wreckers to get the engine to ecu loom and am going to try and pull the whole dash loom. i will be keeping the pre obd2 instrument cluster. i will have to strip the dash loom down to bare minimum, luckely there is pretty much nothing in the 96 imprezza that it is going into that is ecu controlled (except the engine of course.) so for the most part i wont have to touch it.

  • I don’t think the wiring diagrams were created to aid swapping motors ...
    – Solar Mike
    Mar 9, 2018 at 19:56
  • 1
    You will most likely need the full harness engine / ecu / obd2 and the relevant sensors - it may also mean either having the door switches or being able to by-pass them.
    – Solar Mike
    Mar 9, 2018 at 20:10
  • the wiring diagram was more to sort out the wiring. as for door switch's i dont think the would prevent the engine starting as i have an 06 liberty (legacy) and can start the car with door open. the engine is complete with all bolt on's and sensors. only thing it does not have is the exhaust. i will probably have to weld in another bung in my exhast, post cat for a second o2 sensor. i wont be using the dash or anything from the 2005. just the engine, ecu and anything needed to start the engine. so basicly all the security stuff.
    – mike16889
    Mar 9, 2018 at 21:00
  • 1
    Best advice : get all that you can... and don't throw any of it away until it's done... Was the donor auto or manual?
    – Solar Mike
    Mar 9, 2018 at 21:09
  • manual and so is mine. but the car i'm getting the harness from is not the same car as the one i got the engine from (unsure if its manual or auto). i dont have the budget to get "everything"
    – mike16889
    Mar 9, 2018 at 21:48


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