My V70 has a "Sensus Connected Touch" display, where most functions (radio, climate, settings menu, etc.) are displayed; some of these are operated via a menu dial and/or other, physical, buttons on the dash, but a few offer touch controls -- namely, the GPS and "Connected Touch" functionality (in reality, a ridiculously handicapped Android thing they call "Asterisk").

I don't use the GPS very often (my phone is better), and even the apps (esp. TuneIn) I prefer to operate with the physical buttons. So I don't exactly know when this problem started; I only discovered it the other day when I tried to search for a new web radio station within TuneIn. It's not just that app, though, the problem is present in all apps --- I can no longer operate touch apps, such as on-screen and the virtual keyboard. This makes the GPS completely unusable, and limits other apps to what's already coded in and accessible via the physical buttons.

Now, question time: Is there a "hack" or quick way to fix this, or am I looking at a (possibly expensive) repair job? I've been googling, but haven't turned up any sense that this is a commonly seen or well-known occurrence.

It's been cold recently, I don't know if that's related. I am unhopeful that this problem will "thaw itself away" any time soon.

sample image borrowed from a Google search

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Hi I have had exactly the same issue. It is good to read I am not the only one here. It may have something to do with the cold and the battery. I have learned that when the battery is a little bit to low it will shut down unuseful accessories like the touch screen. This may happen e.g. when you use the stand h eating in the cold days. Nevertheless I have not found any logic behind this as sometimes the cars has not been used for several days and it shows this phenomenen and sometimes no problem at all.


Apparently the Internet had no wisdom on this matter, and neither did my mechanic --- but, as it turned out, just moving the car indoors for a while seems to have done the trick.

  • ...aaand it got cold again, and it again didn't work. I had expected Volvo to make winter-proof cars, but I'll manage.
    – KlaymenDK
    Mar 18, 2018 at 21:24

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