I own an Audi A4 2008 and lately every few hundred kilometers the oil runs low (so I add oil of course).

  • I tried to look for oil marks under the car, sometimes I see something that looks like oil and sometimes I don't see anything, so I'm not sure.
  • There is no color to the smoke that comes out of the exhaust, seems fine there.
  • There is no smoke coming from under the hood or anyplace else.
  • I smelled burned oil only once, today, when I started the car after it hasn't been moved for two days.
  • I should state that the intake manifold gasket was replaced about a year ago (I had burned oil smoke).

What can be the cause? an oil leak? If so, can it be spotted in one of photos I attached? If you see an oil leak, what should be replaced?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • How much oil do you add every few hundred kilometers? – SteveRacer Jan 30 '18 at 6:16
  • Did you wipe down parts of the engine before taking photos? If not, oil seems to be leaking out of the filler cap. – Spivonious May 23 '18 at 14:22

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