I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe (which is the same as Toyota Matrix) that the transmission locked up. For what I researched it is a very common problem with the Vibe. Solution suggested was to swap it for a 6 speed that fits perfectly without any modification. My question is...would I have to reprogram the computer after the swap being a different gear transmission? Thnaks in advance!

  • Can't answer extensively, but yes, you would need to swap or splice in the wiring harness from the manual transmission equipped car. Jan 22, 2018 at 21:47
  • from what ive read and heard only thing you need to change is the cv shafts due to the 6 speed has shorter cv shafts than the 5speed im dealing with the same thing but i believe being its a standard you wouldnt have to but if its auto then yes
    – user52790
    Sep 27, 2019 at 16:42


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